About Hill

Hill is the story of one Derbyshire Hill. To tell it, a gathering of five artists will come together. Photographer Kate Bellis, poet Lucy Peacock, songwriter and musician Carol fieldhouse, film maker Gavin Repton and sculptor Sally Matthews will work with the 'Hill' as the main character of the project, at this point in its many millions of years of life. They will work over an 18 month period to tell a story about the life of the Hill.

The project will launch at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery in March 2018.

Kate will be working closely with hill farming families and the local communities that live in the shelter of the hill's sides. The story of the Hill Kate would like to tell is in four parts.

'Above the Hill' will explore the newly arrived wind turbines, a very recent addition in the hill's ancient life. Their arrival has brought thought and debate into the air above the hill. Kate will also be using drone photography that will let her show the hill from the air, the marks and features of the hill, old and new.

'On the Hill' will work with the farming families that earn their living from working the land to rear sheep and cattle. Their working life is set by the seasonal changes to the landscape around them. Kate has been working closely with the Lomas family who farm at Griffe Walk. Here, this traditional farming of the land is set for change. The family have put in planning permission for three new wind turbines. The sheep won't mind grazing around these tethered white giants but some people are worried about their view. New stories, important to tell in an old landscape.

'Under the Hill' looks at the quarrying and mining that is taking place inside the hill. This provides many hundreds of local jobs and is crucial to the local community because of that.

'Shelter of the Hill' are the stories of the communities around the hill and their events and ordinary moments that aren't really ordinary at all.

Lucy's writing, Carol's songs and Gavin's filmscape will give atmosphere, sound, spoken word and a unique sense of place to the project.

Sally's sculptures, paintings and sketches will bring to life the spirit of the animals that live on the hill with a rawness and beauty that comes from the hill itself.

This is a special project to tell the story of one Derbyshire Hill, its people, their voices and the sounds of the landscape and the animals that tread its contours. A story at a point in time, which is millions of years in the making.

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