4th October 2017

Kate Bellis to speak at Chapel Camera Club.

Kate Bellis at Inspired Tues 19th Sep 7.30pm

As part of Wirksworth Festival, Kate talked about artists who inspired her at the Town Hall.

Kate on the hill with cows Kate talking at Inspired

Wirksworth Art & Architecture Trail 9th & 10th Sep 2017

The Thought Sheep was out again at Wirksworth Festival Art & Architecture Trail, and we collected lots of contributions for her fleece from visitors, while Carol and Lucy performed some of their work so far. For a video of the performance, see Lucy's blog.

Lucy and Carol's performance Kate preparing her photographs ahead of the festival

Celebrate Middleton: 15th July 2017

We were there to Celebrate Middleton, with photos, a performance of some of Lucy's poems, and our Thought Sheep for visitors to record their feelings about the Hill.

Visitors contribute to the "thought fleece" at Celebrate Middleton

Art in the Pub at the Nelson: January 2016

With Kate's photos on display all around the pub, the people of Middleton were invited to an evening of poetry and song, featuring some early Hill-related poems from Lucy Peacock and some of the area's most able wordsmiths and songwriters.

The event was followed by a well-attended photo share session, at which residents were invited to show and talk about their own photos. We found some gems, including the photo of Middleton's home guard in WW2.

Robyn Johnson, performing at the art, poetry and song night at the Nelson

Chris Carr and Jim Gilmour from local band Left Hand Drive

Middleton's Home Guard: one of the photos from the photo share event.